The Reasons

First we couldn't believe it ourselves but applied in the right way hookahSqueeze's steam is more intense, milder and longer lasting than traditional tobacco. Additionally hookahSqueeze has a large advantage in mixing flavours because it's much easier to measure. The amount necessary for a 45 minutes smoking session is just 5g. Tobacco in many countries is also fairly expensive, banned on certain premises and often difficult to handle for beginners.

An increasing awareness of a healthy lifestyle makes hookahSqueeze the first choice for people to enjoy a splendid smoking session, while avoiding hazardous effects associated with traditional tobacco consumption, like inhaling nicotine, tar and other incineration products.

It is important to note that hookahSqueeze can't be regarded as "healthy", since inhaling any aroma and steam created through heated glycerine are never beneficial for the human body.

The unique aspect of hookahSqueeze beeing entirely nicotine free ensures that its users are not put in contact with this dangerous neurotoxine substance, which causes extreme high degrees of addiction.

Nonetheless, for obvious reasons smoking hookahSqueeze the correct way is much less harmful than using tobacco and minimizes the health risk. 

No Incineration - No Smoke - No Smoking Bans!

In the same way like the widely known steam stones (Shiazo, Bigg, Starbuzz, ...) or E-Cigarettes there isn't any incineration (like cigarettes) happening, while smoking hookahSqueeze. Glycerine and aroma are turned into steam only and the base material will stay untouched by the heat.

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