The Idea

We are the creators of the worlds first and only specific journal of oriental hookahs "hookahMag", which unfortunately doesn't exist anymore. However, we continued in the matter of hookahs and opened a dedicated shisha shop in 2006 with an attached smoking lounge, where we have beeing creating and serving the finest and most renowned tobacco hookahs until 2011.

A new legislation concerning indoor tobacco consumption in Bavaria (south Germany) has forced us to suspend the use of tobacco in our hookahBar. Hence we developed our first product: "hookahBreeze" steam stones. Their popularity has been raising steadily for more than three years. However, steam stones have a few, tiny disadvantages: They loose their intensity during consumption and may taste bland after 30-45 minutes. Furthermore their appropriate handling requires significant experience, the shelf-life is fairly short and most importantly the eminating vapor can't rival the good old tobacco pipes at all.

Over the years we have been searching for other materials to use our high quality aroma with, until, after several experiments "hookahSqueeze" was created. We have been heavily overwhelmed by the huge success of our newly invented paste.

Now we are proud to be able to create hookahs without any tobacco, which produce unbelievable amounts of smoke, tase more intense, yet milder and are closer to the intended flavour than most tobaccos.

To create hookahSqueeze with its superb flavour we heavily relied on the help and suggestions of our guests. It's perfection has been achieved through handing out hundreds of probational amounts of hookahSqueeze, which have been smoked and rated by our guests and incorporating their valuable feedback. Being massively successful with this customer focused approach, we keep on creating new flavours this way. On this occasion we would like to thank our guests, who help us to ensure highest quality and user satisfaction.

By the way: we call hookahSqueeze lovingly "squeezy" ;-)

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