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It is well known that the preparation of hookahs is an art in itself. Conveniently, hookahSqueeze can be used with nearly any setup. The most important thing is to achieve a balanced temperature in the bowl. Although most people will create their very personal setup, there are still some very important basic rules to be followed for a perfect shisha experience.


1. Clean Is Key

For hookahSqueeze to unfold its full flavour you will need to have a clean and well maintained hookah equipped with a fresh hose. The water level should match the water surface, e.g. the wider the surface, the deeper the submerged part of the stem can be placed into the water. For smaller hookahs 1 to 2 cm may be sufficient, but for bigger ones you may need up to 5 cm for a pleasent smoking session.


2. Check Grommets

The hookah should be 100 percent tight in every aspect. The most important focus should be on the 3 crucial points, which are the part between the bowl and the stem, from this to the base, as well as the connection between the hose and the adapter.


3. Test The Hose

To check for leaks, gently blow into the mouthpiece and block the other end. This way you will easily spot any outgoing air. Commonly used hoses with metal spirals should be shaked and blowed through before using to avoid the loosening of possible accumulations inside during smoking. Silicon and plastic hoses can simply be washed with water.


4. Please Stir Well Before Usage

The clou behind hookahSqueeze is, that the highly heat resistant paste material does not get mixed with the vaporizing ingredients. This ensures a perfectly balanced vapor emission.

The disadvantage is that after a certain storage time the liquids are getting seperated from each other. To get hookahSqueeze back into its original creamy texture please stir it well before usage.

5. Bowl Preparation

The unique feature of hookahSqueeze is, that you can use it in a variety of ways: Either you put it on the inside walls of the bowl (2 to 3 mm - don't use the very upper part of the bowl and keep its rim clear) or you may form a small line which can be arranged into it in a circular shape. You have to adjust your techniques to the bowl used, but always keep an appropiate distance to the charcoal. It's strongly recommended to use glaced clay or glass bowls. No raw clay bowls, because these might aspirate too much of the paste. Silicon bowls can be used as well - but be aware of too much heat.

Pictures can sometimes be the most helpful explanation - Setup Photos!


6. Increasing Taste And Steam By Mixing Tobacco With hookahSqueeze

By adding hookahSqueeze, you will get more smoke, a richer taste and the tobacco will be less likely to burn. Shisha-Fans, who want to keep on to their beloved tobacco are highly recommended to use hookahSqueeze with traditional tobacco hookahs. The main two ways to do this are: You can glace the inside walls of the bowl and prepare your tobacco whithin, or you can entirely intermix hookahSqueeze in small quantities (2 to 5 gram).

For the lucky ones out there who are living in places where smoking pot is not banned... yes - you can mix hookahSqueeze with your favourite herbs in your hookah! ;-)


7. Getting Your Holes Right

The holes should be matching the coal. They shouldn't be too big (max. 0,25 mm radius), stitched in a regular pattern and should be slightly wider than the area that is covered by the coal.


8. The Charcoal

The required sort and amount of coal depends on the size of the bowl, but should always be fully glowing before it is put on the top. The standard 40mm quick-lighting charcoal proved to be insufficient for the widely available bowl measures to bring the experience of hookahSqueeze to its perfection.

In this case the temperature is likely to be too low which manifests itself in a poor smoking performance and a low degree of flavour intensity. This happens, because most aroma need around 100°C to get transformed from their liquid state into the gaseous one. On the other hand you should avoid overheating, therefore putting only an appropiate amount of charcoal on the bowl. Like with tobacco and steam stones, the contained glycerine which is needed to create steam clouds, holds risks if the heat is exceeding. Glycerine, which is heated above 200°C can produce acrolein which may cause serious health damages! Temperatures near 200°C, no matter if tobacco, steam stones or hookahSqueeze is used, will be realized by the smoker if the taste is getting odd, unpleasent or scratching. Special attention should be paid, if you use natural hookah coal, since they tend to absorbe more heat than quick-lighting coals. However, if handled with care and experience the former one is by far the better choice.


9. Keep Distance!

What's true for traffic is true for hookah preparation: Keep distance! For best results ensure a 5 - 10 mm space between hookahSqueeze and the foil. The most important thing in any case is, that the charcoal is a fair bit away from the contents in the bowl. Standard kitchen aluminium foil should be folded about 4 times, but generally speaking the thicker the better..


10. Chill First

After finishing your preparation you should chill for about 5 minutes before taking your first drag. This will ensure that the bowl is evenly heated up and you will have huge amounts of smoke and a full flavour from the very beginning. To speed up this process you can use a wind cover, but keep an eye on the heat.

Now you are ready for an optimal shisha indulgence with hookahSqueeze.

During the session it is recommended to change the coal's position in order to adjust and spread out the heat, which should be tuned down if the taste turns bad. It can be smoked until the coal extinguishes, but it is not recommended to add a new one, because the remaining paste in the bowl can easily get overheated this way. 


11. Clean Up

When you are done with smoking and the coals are out, you can easily wash out hookahSqueeze with some water. To avoid distracting smells and to achieve a crystal clear taste in your hookah, always conduct a thorough cleaning of the whole equipment after every session.

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