How many smoking sessions out of 50g?

Experience has shown that 5g of hookahSqueeze are enough to guarantee enjoyable 45 minute shisha session (about 10 bowls out of a 50g portion). However, this depends on the bowl used, the type of charcoal and smoking habits. Mixing it with tobacco requires 1-3g of the paste to enable an extreme amount of smoke and a superior taste without scratching in your throat.


Are any tools required for preparing the bowl?

We prefer our hands. Without any extra stuff. If you use slightly wet fingers, nothing will stick on you. Alternatively one can use a small spattle, the back of a tea spoon, syringes and obviously a shisha tong. The loveliest bowls are crafted by hand. :)


Won't the paste be dripping through the holes in the bowl?

No, hookahSqueeze keeps its shape for a certain time after forming and by heating it a protective skin evolves through the dehydration of the paste which prevents it from turning liquid. However, it is recommended to use funnel shaped bowls like Vortex or classic phunnels.


Why is the texture differing between the flavours?

The texture of hookahSqueeze is heavily influenced by the type of the used aroma.


Can you blend hookahSqueeze with tobacco?

Of course! Anyone who doesn't want to miss tobacco, but still longes for an intense flavour and a breathtaking smoke should definitely blend hookahSqueeze with tobacco. Either putting it as a fairly thin layer on the bottom of the bowl and preparing the tobacco within, or just mixing it into the tobacco. Please make sure that hookahSqueeze and tobacco are not placed too close to the charcoal to avoid overheating. Please ensure an appropiate space.


Why is hookahSqueeze not available in tubes?

Obviously, this idea is so smart that we already tried it out ages ago.

On the package you will find the note "please stir well before usage". This is very important, since the aroma and the paste can get seperated from each other after a while and thus can impact the smoking experience. 

This is the very reason why there can't be a sustained sale of hookahSqueeze in tubes. This form of packaging wouldn't allow to stir its contents, so we wouldn't be able to guarantee highest quality standards and security of the product.

By the way, the name "squeezy" was invented in a time where we planned to pack everything into tubes. :)

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