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Our unique contribution to elevate hookahSqueeze and tobacco indulgence to unprecedented heights.

hookahSqueeze // hookah fair 2016 – video

hookahFair 2016 Video


hookahSqueeze is a brand new unique vaporizing paste, which offers an exceptional smoking experience with long lasting flavour and magnificent clouds of smoke.
Our experiences and knowledge in the realm of shisha smoking have been gathered over the last decade, when we launched the worlds, then first and only shisha journal "hookahMag".

Since 2006 we are running a dedicated shisha shop with an attached smoking lounge, where we have been developing our range of products in cooperation with our guests.


hookahSqueeze is currently available in 23 different flavours and can be found in any well sorted tobacco and accessoires shop.

What is hookahSqueeze?

The base of hookahSqueeze is an organic and extremely heat resistant material, which, enriched with glycerine and aroma of the finest quality, forms this unique vaporizing paste.

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